Algarve Dance Open

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Algarve, Portugal

Lagoa, Portugal

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Nov 01 - Nov 04, 2019


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The event has finished.

About the event

An international dance competition and workshops - the Algarve Dance Open brings a packed schedule of performance and learning to the Carlos do Carmo Auditorium in Lagoa, Portugal.

​The competition takes place over three days from the 1st November and is open to national and International dancers aged 4-25. Styles include Classical Ballet, Contemporary, Jazz, Tap, Musical Theatre,See More National, AcroDance, Hip-Hop and Neoclassical.

You can watch the competition live, right here at Club Wow. No login required to watch the stream.

To access photography, competitors of the competition will need to create a free Club Wow account and link to the Algarve Dance Open event by entering your membership number in the box at the bottom of this page. If you already have a Club Wow account, login and add the event with your number.

Good luck to everyone taking part and have a great time!

Event Schedule
Friday, November 01, 2019
Starts at 13:30

Day 1

1SB- Level 1 Solo Ballet
1SBb- Level 1 Solo Ballet
2SBb- Level 2 Solo Ballet
2SB- Level 2 Solo Ballet
1GB- Level 1 Group Ballet
2PD - Level 2 Pas de Deux
4PD- Level 4 Pas de Deux
2GF- Level 2 Group National, Folklore and Character
4SM- Level 4 Solo Musical Theatre
3SM- Level 3 Solo Musical Theatre
2SM- Level 2 Solo Musical Theatre
1DT- Level 1 Tap
2DL- Level 2 Duet Lyrical
1ST- Level 1 Solo Tap
1DA- Level 1 Duet Acrodance
2DA- Level 2 Duet Acrodance
3GF- Level 3 Group National
4ST- Level 4 Tap
2GJ - Level 2 Group Jazz
3DM- Level 3 Duet Musical Theatre
2DJ- Level 2 Duet Jazz
3DH- Level 3 Duet Hip-Hop/Comercial
4DM- Level 4 Dueto Modern/Lyrical
3GH- Level 3 Group Hip-Hop
2SH- Level 2 Solo Hip Hop
3SH- Level 3 Solo Hip-Hop/Comercial

Saturday, November 02, 2019
Starts at 09:00

Day 2

1SL- Level 1 Solo Modern and Lyrical
2SL- Level 2 Solo Modern and Lyrical
1DJ- Level 1 Duet Jazz
3DL- Level 3 Duet Modern and Lyrical
2GA- Level 2 Group Acro
1GM1- Level 1 Group Musical Theatre
2SJ- Level 2 Solo Jazz
1GT- Level 1 Group Tap
3SJ- Level 3 Solo Jazz
4SJ- Level 4 Solo Jazz
1GM2- Level 1 Group Musical Theatre
3DB- Level 3 Duet Ballet
1SC- Level 1 Solo Contemporary
1SCb- Level 1 Solo Contemporary
Mini DB- Mini Duet Ballet
3GB- Level 3 Group Ballet
1DB- Level 1 Duet Ballet
2SN- Level 2 Solo Neoclassical
3SN- Level 3 Solo Neoclassical
2DB- Level 2 Duet Ballet
4DC- Level 4 Duet Contemporary
2SH- Level 2 Hip-Hop Group
3SL- Level 3 Solo Modern
4SL- Level 4 Solo Modern and Lyrical
ProSA- Professional Solo Acro
4SH Level 4 Grup Hip-Hop
4DJ- Level 4 Dueto Jazz
3GL- Level 3 Group Lyrical

Sunday, November 03, 2019
Starts at 09:00

Day 3

2GB- Level 2 Group Ballet
3SC- Level 3 Solo Contemporary
2GN- Level 2 Group Neoclassical
3DC- Level 3 Duet/Trio Contemporary
PROGC1- Professional Group Contemporary
2GC- Level 2 Group Contemporary
4DB- Level 4 Duet Ballet
PROGC2- Professional Group Contemporary
3GN- Level 3 Group Neoclássico
2GT- Level 2 Group Tap
3GT- Level 3 Group Tap
2ST- Level 2 Solo Tap
2DF- Level 2 Duet National
3DF- Level 3 Duet National, Folklore and Character
1SA- Level 1 Solo Acrodance
2SA- Level 2 Solo Acrodance
3GC- Level 3 Group Contemporary
1GH- Level 1 Group Hip Hop
1DC- Level 1 Duet Contemporary
2DC- Level 2 Duet Contemporary
3DJ- Level 3 Duet Jazz
2GJ 2GM 2DL - Level 2 Group Jazz/Modern/Lyrical
1GJ- Level 1 Group Jazz


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