Terms and Conditions

Club Wow is your space for your event media and we hope you find it a safe, fun and useful place.

The Club Wow platform and Club Wow media service (photography and video) is an operational name used by Senergy Digital Limited. We are based in Jersey, Channel Islands.

Any person performing at an event where Club Wow is providing media service is entitled to create an account and to link their account to the event at which they are participating. Accounts are provided for free and Event Linking is granted for a fee payable through the event organiser (in the case of Club Wow Complete) or by direct purchase from us (in the case of Club Wow Select).

Clarification: Club Wow Complete is the term given to the service where access to media is provided through the event organiser as part their offering to you. Club Wow Select is the term used when media access is provided to you through direct purchase from Club Wow online or at an event, where access is not provided by an event organiser through their fees.

Periodic audits of the platform will identify accounts that are not linked with any events. These accounts will be sent for review and may be removed from the database if found to be false, unverified, or of long term inactivity.

All media from a Club Wow Complete service is accessible by all participants of that event. Teacher account access is generally accessible to Event Linking but is subject to permission of the event organiser.

Club Wow Select provides media access to individual participants that have agreed a purchase with Club Wow. Teacher access is not possible for events operating in this mode unless a school has entered into a separate purchase agreement with Club Wow. The “all media” feature is not available with this mode of the platform.

Members with linked events to their accounts are free to share content from their events as they wish but commercial activity is not permitted.

Copyright of all media remains with Senergy Digital and any commercial or press/media use of content requires clearance from Senergy Digital in the first instance. We can be reached at contact@senergydigital.com

Senergy Digital collects personal information for account verification and to provide you with bespoke media delivery of your photos and videos. Your privacy is important and our policy is to protect it. We do not share any of your personal information with anyone else.

On occasion we will contact you with news on platform developments, upcoming events, selected offers and event updates. When you sign up for an account you are agreeing to receive these communications but you may opt out at any time by following the links within the communications received. If you are not in agreement with this at the time of signup then we ask that you choose to discontinue the sign up process.

Abuse of the platform is greeted with zero tolerance. Abusive accounts will be removed without notice. Any abusive or suspicious account activity should be reported immediately to contact@senergydigital.com and we thank you for your vigilance and support.

To our users: Please make the most of the platform and enjoy everything it has to offer. We are working hard every day to make it better and we welcome your feedback. We can be reached at contact@senergydigital.com

Have fun and thanks for reading.